Music Concrete, Ambient, Films, Music for the projection of images, Spiritual, Documentaries, Reportage, Dance, Chill, Lounge and more.. ...

Strongly attracted by sounds since a very young age, he is a versatile artist who approaches music in a profound way, seeing it as a universal language and a source of self-knowledge.

After many years of activity as a DJ in discos, pubs and other venues, he fulfilled his desire to compose electronic music, starting studying the first audio midi sequencer, using various synths, drum machines, groove boxes, etc.

He is registered as author composer with the SIAE, and for several years he has been composing electronic music with concrete – environmental recordings too.

In 2007 his first singles "Izan Lounge", "Tunisian" and "The African Sun" were added in the Sheeva Lounge Season One compilation by Sheeva Records.

In the same year, from the strong friendship with Dj Tumba arose the Sonorous Dreams project. The homonymous self-produced album found immediate success, becoming a soundtrack of that summer in several chill-lounge clubs.

In 2009 the album was released by Sheeva Records - Miami.

Years later, both the first three released singles and the various extracts of Sonorous Dreams album are more and more appreciated in many Chill out - Lounge compilations, listed below.

In 2012, he and Livia Giovenco developed the Frequenze Vibrazionali project, based on a musical vision which is a fusion of electronic, acoustic and spiritual sounds.

In January 2013 the first album Messages from Cosmos in Time, released by Irma Records - Pyramide (Bologna), officially launches the Vibrational Frequencies project on the musical scene.

In October 2013, with the release of Vibrational Frequency E.P. by Sheeva Records, the album enters in the TOP 10 NEW RELEASE CHILL OUT CHARTS ON BEATPORT, keeping for several weeks a place in the NEW RELEASES CHILL section on the same portal.

Mauro also made the remixes of Jane Vanderbilt and the legendary duo Tony Moran and Martha Wash - Free People, released by Radikal Records, which entered Billboard, one of the most important charts in the world.


2015 Frequenze Vibrazionali - El Dia y la Noche Encantada

2015 Mauro Rizzo Feat. Livia - I Will Find My Path Again & Armonic E.P.

2015 Mauro Rizzo  - Other Timeline

2015 Tony Moran ft. Martha Wash - Free People ( Mauro Rizzo & Funky Junction Remix )

2014 Raham Feat Jane Vanderbilt Broken Heart ( Mauro Rizzo RMX Funky Junction Love Re-Edit )

2013 Frequenze Vibrazionali - Electronic Dialogue

2013 Raham Feat Jane Vanderbilt Broken Heart ( Mauro Rizzo RMX Funky Junction Love Re-Edit ) - Beatport Release 

2013 Frequenze Vibrazionali - E.P. ( Investigation - Sotto Accusa - Probability )

2013 Frequenze Vibrazionali - Deva Drone & Kandiskji Vision ( Episode One )

2013 Frequenze Vibrazionali - Messaggi dal Cosmo nel Tempo

2010 Alpha Centaury - Quantum Olographic Universe

2009 Sonorous Dreams - Sonorous Dreams

2007 Delicious Dreamers - Izan Lounge

2007 Delicious Dreamers - The Africa Sun

2007 Delicious Dreamers - Tunisian


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2013 Christmas In New York - Chilled Tunes For Relaxed X-Mas Days

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2007 Sheeva Lounge - Season One